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We found the alarm a pain to set. We had to scroll all the way through the twenty-four hour clock to get to the time we wanted. Setting up the sleep function was a similar process. However, while they were time consuming, neither was taxing.

Simplicity is the keyword with the KTC-01. While it may not be gadget heavy, to some users this will be no bad thing. If it's just something you want to switch on for some background music, it does the job. The alarm and sleep mode are bare essential extras that every radio ought to have, but other than that this radio revels in its straightforward approach.

One useful function is the low-energy button at the back to save the juice in your batteries when you take the unit on the move. Pushing it in makes sure the radio doesn't drain the battery, meaning that next time you come to use it, it won't be dead.

In tests around the house the quality of the signal ranged from just about acceptable in the basement to excellent upstairs. As with many DAB radios, the aerial is detachable, allowing you to use a more powerful antenna.

The sound quality is reasonable, which is lucky because there are no alternative equaliser settings. One gripe is the unnecessarily huge range of the volume control. We had barely got it to halfway when the music, which was very loud by that point, began to distort. We'd advise you not to test the upper limits, because it could well lead to broken speakers.

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