Intempo KTC-01 review: Intempo KTC-01

The Good FM radio included, all features have their own button, battery saving device.

The Bad Minimal features, unimpressive design.

The Bottom Line There’s nothing here to get your mouth watering. This is a basic run-of-the-mill DAB radio, although its simplicity may be a plus point to some. The FM tuner is a bonus

6.5 Overall

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It seems that Intempo has taken a retrograde step from its original offering the PG-01: the KTC-01 feels more like a lunchbox with speakers than a DAB radio. The idea may have been to create a more rough-and-ready model that users wouldn't mind getting dirty or covered in paint, but for £80 we're not convinced.

The KTC-01 has a cream coloured plastic shell with mock brushed metal trim. The knobs are plastic with a shiny metal surface -- the overall effect screams 'budget'. It's strange because the KTC-01's predecessor the PG-01 was a very pleasant looking machine. It had a similar layout but a much classier wooden finish.

As with the PG-01, the KTC-01 measures 250 by 160 by 100mm. A screen and the controls run across the top of the face, with two speakers underneath.

The KTC-01 seems to be a DAB radio for people who don't care for technology. Auto Tuning, DAB/FM, Alarm, Sleep and Info all have their own buttons alongside the Channel Up and Down and the four Preset keys. On the plus side it means there are barely any menus to navigate. The power button isn't marked, but as it's the only button without a label what it's for is fairly obvious.

The screen is a black-on-green, two-line LCD affair. It's easy to read, but could have been made more prominent. Reading it from above is made difficult by the surrounding casing.

Across the back you'll find the aerial, a battery hatch, a headphone socket and the battery saving button (more about that later).

When it is switched on for the first time, the KTC-01 auto-tunes to pick up the local stations. After a few seconds it's up and running. Switching between DAB and FM is simple with the DAB/FM button. Likewise, setting the presets is just a matter of finding the channel you want and holding down the button to assign it.

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