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ILuv i199 review: ILuv i199

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MSRP: $249.95

The Good Tabletop audio system combines iPod, AM/FM radio, CD (audio and MP3/WMA), and USB-based audio playback; line-in jack for connecting any additional sources; Bluepin feature can receive and transmit audio to and from Bluetooth devices; supports iPod video output; dual alarms can wake to any source; includes every cable you'll ever need using the system.

The Bad No EQ settings; minor USB issues; video out is composite, not S-Video; subpar sound quality when utilizing Bluetooth streaming option.

The Bottom Line The impressive iLuv i199 provides a dizzying array of features--including iPod compatibility, CD player, AM/FM clock radio--you'll be hard-pressed to find on any other tabletop audio systems at this price.

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7.3 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 7

In the past, we've looked at countless iPod audio systems that provide adequate to excellent iPod playback but lack other desirable features such as a CD player and AM/FM radio. The i199 from iLuv (the accessory division of discount manufacturer jWIN) strives to bring an end to iPod speaker systems that come up short. It's got an integrated iPod dock, CD player, AM/FM radio, USB port, and line-in jack, so it's equally adept at playing back any iPod-based music, audio CDs, and MP3 and WMA files from CD-Rs or USB devices. Furthermore, the i199 sports something iLuv calls "Bluepin," a Bluetooth-based wireless interface that allows the unit to receive as well as transmit audio. This means you can not only stream music from any compatible Bluetooth device to the i199's speakers, but you can also transmit any of the audio sources the i199 can play to any Bluetooth device--such as wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Available in black (i199BLK) or white (i199WHT), the i199 is coated with a glossy plastic that doesn't show fingerprints. About the size of a bread box, it can easily fit on virtually any shelf, nightstand, or countertop. The i199 has a vibrant blue LCD readout with three brightness settings--in addition to the time, the display can show file and track information when playing MP3s or WMAs via the USB port or data CD.

The i199 features a dual-alarm function with some impressive flexibility. The alarms can be set to wake to any source--iPod, radio, CD, and so forth--or an alarm tone. When an alarm is sounded, the audio begins to gradually rise until it peaks at a level you customize when you initially program the alarm. The volume customization also means you can lull yourself gently to sleep (the "sleep" function can be set in 30-minute increments) at a low volume level but still be awakened with a loud enough signal to get you out of bed in the morning. (Of course, a snooze bar is available for procrastinators.)

The eight-button remote control bundled with the i199 is small and has a rounded plastic edge that fits comfortably in your hand. On it you'll find most of the same buttons as on the top of the unit.

The controls, iPod dock, and Bluetooth transceiver are all located on top of the unit.

The i199's top-mounted iPod dock will work with most recent dock-enabled iPod models (including Nanos and Minis), and the system includes a number of matching plastic dock inserts for tight fits. The iPod will need to be controlled manually--with the scroll wheel--and its song info won't be displayed on the i199's LCD, but it does charge the device. Another welcome addition is the support for AV out for iPods with picture and video capability. Simply attach the included AV composite cable to any monitor or TV, and you can view all of your iPod videos and pictures on a bigger screen--just make sure your iPod is set to TV out. Video quality will vary according to how well your videos have been encoded and their resolution sizes. Owners of older iPods, iPod Shuffles, or any other MP3 players aren't completely out of luck--the included audio patch cable lets you connect anything with a headphone jack to the i199's line-in port.

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