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iHome ZN9 Clock Radio for Zune review: iHome ZN9 Clock Radio for Zune

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MSRP: $99.99

The Good The iHome ZN9 alarm clock offers bedside-worthy sound quality, Zune MP3 player compatibility, AM/FM radio, battery backup, dual alarms, an attractive design, and sophisticated features.

The Bad The iHome ZN9's wide design may take up your whole nightstand, its display is difficult to read from bed, and the remote control costs extra.

The Bottom Line The iHome ZN9 deserves its place on the nightstand of any Zune owner.

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7.7 Overall

The iHome ZN9 ($99) is a welcome addition to the short list of Zune MP3 player accessories. With dual alarms, battery backup, AM/FM radio, and a time zone indicator, it's also simply one of the best clock radios we've come across at this price.

The iHome ZN9 is created for the Zune, but its design borrows heavily from the Microsoft Xbox 360 game console. Looking like an artfully squashed shoebox, the iHome ZN9 wins no points for alarm clock design innovation; however, the overall construction quality of the product feels very good.

The front of the iHome ZN9 offers stereo 2-inch speakers covered in a metal grille, as well as a 4-inch illuminated LCD. The iHome ZN9's display has adjustable brightness settings that present the date and time in large, legible digits. Our only complaint about the iHome ZN9's LCD is that its completely perpendicular orientation can be difficult to read from bed, compared with slightly slanted displays.

The back of the iHome ZN9 conceals seldom-used features such as line input and output jacks, a daylight saving time switch, and clock and time zone settings.

The top of the iHome ZN9 is where you'll find all its most important features. A Zune dock sits at the very middle of the iHome ZN9, which accommodates all models of first- and second-generation media players. Eight buttons and a snooze bar are placed in front of the iHome ZN9's Zune dock, offering features such as AM/FM radio presets, EQ, sleep timer, radio activation, and two independent alarms. To the left of these buttons is a large volume wheel with a power button at its center, and to the right you'll find an identical-looking jog wheel for setting values on the clock and a play/pause button that controls your docked Zune.

Unlike many speaker dock alarm clocks we've reviewed, the iHome ZN9 keeps its clock set controls concealed on the back of the unit. Luckily, with the iHome ZN9's internal AA-battery backup, time zone indicator, and daylight saving time switch, you'll only need to set the time once. The back of the ZN9 also includes two small bass ports, AM and FM antenna wires, DC power input, and 3.5mm line output and input.

The iHome ZN9 takes its alarm clock responsibilities seriously with dual alarms that can be specifically set to a weekday, seven-day, or weekend schedule. Each of the ZN9's alarms can be set to wake you with either the built-in AM/FM radio, buzzer, or music from your docked Zune MP3 player. Should you forget to dock your Zune in the ZN9's cradle before bedtime, the alarm clock will default to a buzzer alarm.

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