iHome Outdoor SmartPlug review: iHome's latest smart plug is meant for the great outdoors

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The Good iHome’s Outdoor SmartPlug works well and integrates with several virtual assistants and smart home platforms.

The Bad For $40, you’ll just get one smart outlet, and the plug itself has a bulky, unattractive design.

The Bottom Line iHome’s Outdoor SmartPlug performs well and works with a lot of smart home platforms, but the $40 price tag might seem like a lot for the functionality of just one outlet.

6.5 Overall
  • Features 7
  • Usability 7
  • Design 5
  • Performance 7

Options are pretty limited when it comes to outdoor smart plugs. They've taken a backseat to the plethora of connected outlets and switches offered for inside the home. The Outdoor Smart Plug from iHome is here to address that and at $40, it's a less expensive alternative to the iDevices Outdoor Switch. If you don't need two smart outlets, then consider iHome's model. It's a reliable, affordable smart plug that doesn't sacrifice on quality.

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The iHome Outdoor SmartPlug is a well-performing, bulky box with just one smart outlet. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

While the iHome Outdoor Smart Plug is half the cost of the $80 iDevices plug we reviewed a few years ago, it's also technically half the plug. iHome's model works just as well, and with the same voice assistants we've come to expect: Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Homekit and then some. The difference is quantity of outlets. The iDevices Outdoor Switch comes with two power outlets, while the iHome Outdoor SmartPlug ($70 at Amazon) comes with just one.

The Outdoor SmartPlug ($5 at Amazon) looks very much like the iDevices smart plug and neither are particularly attractive and certainly not discreet. A thick, black 6-inch cord connects iHome's bulky black outlet box with your wall outlet. Part of the plug's bulkiness is to protect it from the elements, but it's still a bit of an eyesore, especially if the exterior of your home is a lighter color. The Outdoor SmartPlug comes with an anchor and screw for hanging the outlet up beside your regular plug.

You'll need a GFCI outlet and a 2.4GHz wireless internet connection to use iHome's Outdoor SmartPlug, which has a maximum load of 120V AC, and 15A (1,800W). That's nearly identical to the iDevices Outdoor Switch, save for the wattage, where iDevices is rated for only 10A (1,200W).

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