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iharmonix Q-i-sound review: iharmonix Q-i-sound

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MSRP: $149.99

The Good Qmadix's Iharmonix Q-i-sound provides real wireless stereo over Bluetooth. Its speakers are compact and light, plus they come with a handy travel case.

The Bad For a pricey $149.99, the sound quality doesn't impress. The power adapter is bulky, you can't connect older gadgets, and the Q-i-sound uses a proprietary power jack.

The Bottom Line With real wireless stereo, the Qmadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound lets you cut the cord, but for a high price and with a less-than-desirable design.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 5

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Though most cell phone stereo docks have made the transition over to Bluetooth wireless technology, the majority of these devices wrap up everything in a single unit. Sure, that design makes them portable, but you're out of luck if you're yearning to place your speakers at varying distances or even at slightly different heights. Fortunately, the $149.99 Qmadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound, which uses two completely wireless speakers to produce real stereo two-channel audio, may be your ticket to freedom.

The Qmadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound certainly looks like no other Bluetooth speaker system I’ve ever seen. Small and pod-shaped, the white model I reviewed reminds me of a pair of robotic eggs, or perhaps one egg split into two halves. If a traditional look is more your speed, the product comes in black as well.

What really sets the Q-i-sound apart from other Bluetooth speaker systems, however, is that it's capable of providing true two-channel stereo audio without wires. That means you can position each satellite wherever you like, on multilevel shelves, by the bathroom shower, or on different tables. It's a feature that creates plenty of flexibility to accommodate challenging listening environments.

The device has the typical controls you'd expect to see on a Bluetooth audio product. The face of the left speaker unit houses buttons for power, volume, and track forward and back. Also here is a tiny microphone for conducting calls when the device is linked to a mobile phone. The back of each speaker pod holds only one port, a small proprietary jack for attaching the Q-i-sound's AC charger. Unfortunately, without any other ports, you won't be able to hook up older audio gadgets via a wired connection.

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The Qmadix Iharmonix Q-i-sound uses magnets to snap together for compact storage. Sarah Tew/CNET

There's no doubt that the Q-i-sound is meant to see lots of travel. Each speaker unit weighs a quarter of a pound (0.24 pound, to be exact). They come with a handy carrying case into which the speakers fit snugly. One feature I especially like is that the rims of both speakers are magnetized and will seek to snap together for storage. This helps them stay put in their case.

Qmadix clearly took the effort to design portability into the heart of the Q-i-sound. That's why I'm mystified by its power adapter's unwieldy size. Worse, the bulky AC adapter and dual-ended cord can't fit into the speakers' nifty travel case. Another oversight is that the charger uses proprietary tips to attach to both speakers, so if you misplace the cord you'll be in a tight spot. By contrast, the Jawbone Jambox relies on a standard Micro-USB port to power up.

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The Iharmonix Q-i-sound comes with its own travel case. Unfortunately, there's no place for its AC charging cable. Sarah Tew/CNET

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