Igloo Island Breeze Cooler, 48 quarts review: Breeze on by this cheap, ineffective Igloo cooler

The Good With 47.6 quarts to its name, the Igloo Island Breeze offers plenty of space for beverages.

The Bad It won't keep those beverages cold for long -- in fact, you'll get better performance from just about any other cooler on the market. It also lacks a drainage spout and a latch for the lid.

The Bottom Line I spent $15 on this crappy cooler so you wouldn't have to. Cool your jets and buy something else.

5.0 Overall
  • Features 4
  • Design 5
  • Performance 5
  • Usability 5.5

One of several options in the Island Breeze lineup, the 48-quart Igloo Island Breeze Cooler is one of the cheapest coolers you'll find at retail. I got mine on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods for just $15.

Well, you get what you pay for -- and in the case of the Island Breeze, that means you won't get much. For starters, the design lacks a lid latch or even a drainage spout for when your ice inevitably melts. And melt it will, my friend, as the Island Breeze put up some of the worst performance I saw from any of the coolers I tested. You'd arguably be better off with a disposable Styrofoam cooler like the $4 Lifoam model I used as a control.

My recommendation: Upgrade instead to the Igloo MaxCold Cooler. At a cost of $45, it offers top-notch performance for the price, and even managed to beat out a couple of high-end coolers that cost hundreds more. But whatever you do, skip the Island Breeze, because like most island breezes, it runs warm.

Filled to the brim, the Igloo Island Breeze Cooler held 47.6 quarts of water before I was unable to close the lid without spilling.

Ry Crist/CNET

The Igloo Island Breeze is as basic as hard coolers come. The only features of note are the handles, the hinges and the fact that it comes in a couple of different color options.