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I-Rocks RF-6520 ultraslim wireless keyboard review: I-Rocks RF-6520 ultraslim wireless keyboard

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The Good Inexpensive; lightweight; portable wireless transmitter clips into the bottom of the keyboard.

The Bad Space-saving key layout has a learning curve; lightweight design causes unintentional movement and flex; no Bluetooth support.

The Bottom Line If you need an inexpensive, temporary keyboard to accompany your laptop on the road, I-Rocks RF-6520 may be a good fit for you; however, if you're shopping for a permanent desktop replacement keyboard, you should look elsewhere.

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6.0 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 6
  • Performance 6

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The I-Rocks RF-6520 Ultra Slim Wireless Keyboard is a featherweight, portable keyboard to use with a laptop in a portable setting. It has a small wireless transmitter that connects via a USB port. While we wish they company would have used Bluetooth, we can't complain about the keyboard's $40 price tag. We don't recommend this flimsy keyboard for daily desktop use, but the RF-6520 will work well for travelers that desire a light, affordable keyboard for use on the road.

The RF-6520's compact design makes it a viable accessory if you're a Netbook user looking for a full set of keys to combat the device's tiny typing area. The whole keyboard is 75 percent of the size of a standard desktop keyboard and it is only slightly longer than the keys on our Lenovo ThinkPad T61. At 13.5-inches long by 5.4-inches wide, it is certainly small enough to fit comfortably in a laptop case or carry-on bag.

To create a space-saving design, I-Rocks moves the Print Screen, Pause/Break, and Delete keys directly above the plus sign and backspace bar, which takes some time to get accustomed to before you're able to type as fast as you can on a full-size keyboard. I-Rocks also repurposes the Home, Page Down, Page Up, and End buttons as secondary keys to the directional arrows.

Touch typists and laptop warriors won't have a problem transitioning to the new layout thanks to the low-profile scissor-switch keys that require limited travel to press and also provide the added benefit of a quieter click.

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