Humax PVR-9300T review: Humax PVR-9300T

The Good Design; picture quality; ease of use; included cables.

The Bad Fan noise.

The Bottom Line The 9300T is a worthy replacement for the 9200T, offering masses of storage space and superb recording quality. Unfortunately, the operating noise is ludicrous

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7.5 Overall

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It's not an exaggeration to say that Humax's 9200T was one of the best PVRs we've reviewed. It had all those little features that other manufacturers didn't bother to put in their machines. Sure, it had some quirks that weren't optimal, but as far as effort goes, we really had to give them credit.

Now it's time for the old machine to be retired, and a new model drafted in to replace it. And that new machine is the Humax PVR-9300T, which features a whole new look and some tweaks that should make it even better than before.

The most notable alteration to the front of the Humax is the display, which has been considerably improved to provide a more readable and aesthetic readout. The rest of the machine is sleek, well designed and quite pleasant to look at. The remote control -- always overlooked -- is the same ugly but functional unit you got with the previous model.

At the back of the box are the usual aerial sockets, a pair of Scarts and an HDMI output, and it is this that marks the most significant technical change to the box. You also get optical digital audio out and composite video. Unlike many dual-tuner boxes, the Humax doesn't have any of those ugly aerial loop-though connections at the back, keeping it nice and clear.

At the front, there are two flaps. One conceals the CAM slot for adding pay TV channels, and the other hides some controls, such as channel changing, menu navigation and even a record button.

One of our favourite features on this Humax is its ability to record two channels and watch a third. Of course, you don't have the choice of every Freeview channel using this mode, but you can watch any channel that resides on the same multiplex as either of the ones you are recording.

Using the 9300T is very simple, and all you need to do to schedule a recording is enter the EPG and press the OK button when you find the programme you want to record. If the programme is series linked you'll be offered the opportunity to record every episode, which is handy for shows you like to watch every week.

The machine is also Freeview+ compliant (Freeview+ is the new name for Freeview Playback, but nothing else has really changed). What this means is that you get other features like accurate recording -- which makes sure the programme is recorded fully, even if the broadcast time changes -- and chase play -- which means watching a programme while it's still being recorded. In common with all PVRs you can pause live TV and rewind if you missed a bit.

Because the Humax now comes with an HDMI output, it can now output Freeview upscaled to 720p. It's rather encouraging to see it hasn't gone and fitted a 1080p scaler to the unit, as doing so would only waste your money, simply because Freeview won't benefit from this.

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