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Humax LGB-22DYT review: Humax LGB-22DYT

The Good HD Ready; great sound for a small TV; digital tuner.

The Bad Only one HDMI; wrong aspect ratio; not very attractive; pallid colours.

The Bottom Line Time and again, we've had cause to bemoan the awful sound quality of small LCD TVs, so we really appreciate Humax's attempt to do something different with its 22DYT. It's just a pity that the same attention that's been paid to the set's audio has not carried through to other areas

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5.5 Overall

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Small LCD TVs might be ultra-convenient and even quite cute, but their sheer lack of size almost always means that their sound quality is like listening through a couple of tins tied together with string. Available for around £300, Humax's 22-inch LGB-22DYT is out to prove that it doesn't have to be this way.

Humax realises you probably could never get great sound from the puny speakers that have to be fitted into a small LCD TV's bezel. It's simply taken the speakers out of the 22DYT's bezel and shoved them into a more or less separate 'speaker bar' that runs along beneath the screen.

This relative brute of a speaker really delivers the goods, churning out a soundstage full of volume, dynamism, treble clarity, vocal richness and even a decent amount of bass. In fact, we've heard plenty of 32- and even 37-inch LCD TVs that don't sound as good as this little 22-incher. Remarkably, the set's inclusion of SRS TruSurroundXT processing doesn't turn out to be as laughably optimistic as you'd expect.

Another impressive feat is the fact that the 22DYT crams 1,680x1,050 pixels into its diddy screen, making it comfortably 'HD Ready'. In connection terms, it's nice to find the set sporting a D-Sub PC port, as this allows the TV to double up as a computer monitor, making its already pretty reasonable £300 price tag look even better.

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