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HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse (Black) review: HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse (Black)

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The Good By using your wireless receiver to connect to your PC, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse frees up USB ports for connectivity-starved travelers.

The Bad The mouse won't work without Windows 7, and it will be unreliable if you don't have a Windows 7-certified wireless adapter.

The Bottom Line Thanks to its unique, reliable Wi-Fi-based connection methodology, the HP Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse is easy to recommend to mobile Windows 7 PC users who need more available USB ports.

7.7 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

Those who travel for work with a small laptop know the value of a spare USB port. With Bluetooth still a rarity on mobile PCs, Hewlett-Packard's Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse offers an alternative way to free up some extra connectivity. For $49.99 when it debuts this June, the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse will connect to your Windows 7 laptop directly via your wireless networking adapter, no USB receiver dongle necessary. In testing, we found the mouse easy to set up, and we were impressed by its robust connection strength, at least on newer laptops. We would make a few tweaks to the software, but despite some minor quibbles, we can recommend this mouse to laptop users looking to free up a USB port.

Aside from its unique connection method, the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse isn't all that extraordinary. Its small size tells you that it's designed for travel, and its ambidextrous design invites anyone to use it. You will find the button on the side opposite your thumb difficult to press without changing your grip, but we like the four-way scroll wheel that lets you easily navigate up and down and from left to right through larger documents.

Wi-Fi connectivity is really the primary selling point for the Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse. HP says the mouse is meant for use with Windows 7-certified wireless adapters, which you'll find listed on Microsoft's Web site. That means the mouse works only with Windows 7-based PCs (we checked, and the drivers won't install on Windows XP or OS X), and only with certain wireless adapters.

We tried the mouse on Intel-based Windows 7 laptops from Sony and Lenovo and had no problems. The connection was far less reliable on a Dell XPS 8300 desktop with a Dell-made wireless adapter not listed among Microsoft's certified Wi-Fi devices. We had similar difficulties with a Gateway desktop that also lacked a Microsoft-certified adapter. Microsoft's list does mention all current Intel laptop-chipset wireless adapters, which covers a broad set of current systems.

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