HP Pavilion dv1000 - First Take

When configured with Intel's Core Duo processor, the HP Pavilion dv1000 series adds cutting-edge power to its strong combination of multimedia abilities and attractive, portable design.

HP Pavilion dv1000

The Pavilion dv1000 has been a mainstay of HP's laptop lineup since 2004, and during that time has become one of CNET readers' most favored models. The Pavilion dv1000 family has two slightly different designs: the original dv1000 model (read the full review here) features Intel's previous-generation Pentium M and Celeron processors; the newer Pavilion dv1000t (read the full review here) features Intel's Core Duo processor and a few new multimedia features, including a built-in Webcam. Neither model can be configured with Windows XP Media Center or a discrete GPU, but the Pavilion dv1000t, especially, serves up enough performance power and multimedia functionality for any task besides gaming.