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MSRP: $619.00

The Good Good image quality; extremely adjustable; composite and S-Video inputs; picture-in-picture feature.

The Bad No USB ports; no cable-feed system.

The Bottom Line HP's L2035 delivers good image quality and video connectivity in a stylish, highly adjustable, moderately priced package.

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7.6 Overall

Review summary

The HP L2035's handsome looks, decent image quality, varied multimedia capabilities, and adjustability options make it a good choice for anyone who wants a jumbo, 20.1-inch LCD. Still, at more than $900, the L2035's sleek styling is suited more for the corner office than the corner cubicle.

The L2035's narrow, brushed-silver bezel is a mere 0.75-inch wide along the top and the sides. The display sits on a sturdy, rectangular base, and its impressive range of adjustability features work smoothly; you can swivel the panel 35 degrees to the left and right, raise and lower it 4 to 7.5 inches off the desktop, tilt it 5 degrees forward and 25 degrees backward, smoothly pivot it from Portrait to Landscape mode, and detach and mount it to a VESA arm. The installation CD that HP includes has PivotPro software for adjusting the picture when you pivot from one mode to the other and back. The only thing missing here is a cable-feed system; we hate to see this LCD's good looks reduced by unsightly dangling cords.

Given the L2035's number of inputs, the potential for cable clutter is high. There are VGA, DVI-D, and DVI-A inputs (all three cables are included), as well as composite and S-Video inputs for external video sources, such as a DVD player or a camcorder. The display also has a picture-in-picture feature; however, unlike Samsung's SyncMaster 172MP, the L2035 does not come with a TV tuner--you'll need to pick that up separately. The L2035 has seven front-panel buttons, four of which are dedicated to navigating the simple, well-designed onscreen menu.

The L2035 performed well in tests. Images looked extremely crisp and sharp with excellent contrast, colors were bold, and blacks were very dark. We did notice quite a bit of hue shifting in whites (that is, when the intensity of a color increases or decreases, the color itself changes instead of becoming more or less intense); as a result, extreme whites looked pink. Still, this subtle color shift won't really affect the average user's experience. The L2035's 16-millisecond pixel-response time resulted in fair video performance.

HP backs the L2035 with a three-year warranty on parts, labor, and the backlight. Tech support is available 24/7. HP's &siteid=7&edid=&lop=txt&destcat=ex&destUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fh18004%2Ewww1%2Ehp%2Ecom%2Fproducts%2Fmonitors%2Fservice%2Ehtml" target="_blank">Web site offers FAQs, manuals, and software downloads, and business buyers can upgrade their warranty to include onsite service.

CNET Labs DisplayMate tests  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Apple Cinema Display
HP L2035
ViewSonic VX900
Dell UltraSharp 2001FP

Brightness in nits  (Longer bars indicate better performance)
Apple Cinema Display
ViewSonic VX900
Dell UltraSharp 2001FP
HP L2035
Note: Measured with the Sencore CP500/Minolta CA210.

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