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HP mp3135w review: HP mp3135w

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The Good Very portable; supports full-featured networking via wireless and wired LANs; includes full-featured remote control; fast shutdown time; relatively low cost.

The Bad Less bright than other projectors; displays some color shifting; networking software difficult to install; short, one-year warranty.

The Bottom Line Despite its less-than-optimal brightness and buggy software, the feature-packed HP mp3135w comes about as close as you can to a one-size-fits-all LAN projector.

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7.6 Overall
  • Design 9
  • Features 9
  • Performance 6
  • Support 7

HP mp3135w: the tiniest network projector

The smallest and most capable projector we've seen, the HP mp3135w can display full presentations from a network--an improvement over the Canon LV-7565, which can display only converted images, and the Hitachi CP-X443, which can be monitored only over a network. Our overall admiration for the mp3135w was marred only by less-than-optimal brightness, a few software glitches, and a short warranty period.

The white-and-gray mp3135w's unique vertical design gives it a space-age look, as do the wings that pop out of the bottom of the projector to make it more stable. Its 3.8-pound weight and hardcover book-size dimensions (2.9 by 9 by 7.8 inches) make it eminently portable. A Smart Attachment Module, which comes standard with the mp3135w, snaps onto the back, adding 3 ounces of weight, 2 inches of depth, and USB ports, a networking port, and a slot for a wireless networking card.

Built around a compact DLP imaging engine, the mp3135w uses a 180W lamp. It has an XGA native resolution and can support resolutions up to SXGA.

At the very top of the projector is a small but complete set of buttons for navigating the onscreen menu. The remote control duplicates the controls on the projector and incorporates a laser pointer and PowerPoint navigation buttons--it's one of the best remotes we've seen for presentations.

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