HP Compaq X Gaming PC GX5000 series

The HP Compaq X Gaming PC gives you a choice between AMD and Intel CPUs, an option you won't find with many of the mainstream Intel-only shops, such as Dell and Gateway. The AMD half of the line is the GX5000Z, and the Intel side is called the GX5000T. Unlike high-end, specialty PC vendors, HP won't paint the CoolerMaster WaveMaster aluminum case, but the big, red X emblazoned on its chest right above the Compaq logo gives the Compaq X Gaming PC the look of a fully qualified gaming PC. Inside, there's a choice of three Nvidia graphics cards, including the high-end GeForce FX 6800 Ultra. Prices start at around $1,399, though our GX5000Z test system carries a price of $3,600. Don't go into shock: that's pricey compared to HP's Pavilion and Presario home PCs, but it's right in line with the cost of high-end gaming systems. Fortunately for the hard-core gamers who might consider purchasing such an expensive PC, the performance is just as high end as the price.