HP Compaq X Gaming PC GX5000 - First Take

We like the parts that HP has put together here, including the option to choose either AMD or Intel parts, but the whole could use some work.

HP Compaq X Gaming PC GX5000 series
The HP Compaq X Gaming PC gives you a choice between AMD and Intel CPUs, an option you won't find with many of the mainstream Intel-only shops, such as Dell and Gateway. The AMD half of the line is the GX5000Z, and the Intel side is called the GX5000T. Unlike high-end, specialty PC vendors, HP won't paint the CoolerMaster WaveMaster aluminum case, but the big, red X emblazoned on its chest right above the Compaq logo gives the Compaq X Gaming PC the look of a fully qualified gaming PC. Inside, there's a choice of three Nvidia graphics cards, including the high-end GeForce FX 6800 Ultra. Prices start at around $1,399, though our GX5000Z test system carries a price of $3,600. Don't go into shock: that's pricey compared to HP's Pavilion and Presario home PCs, but it's right in line with the cost of high-end gaming systems. Fortunately for the hard-core gamers who might consider purchasing such an expensive PC, the performance is just as high end as the price.