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HP 8-inch Digital Picture Frame (Espresso Wood) review: HP 8-inch Digital Picture Frame (Espresso Wood)

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The Good Attractive with interchangeable mattes; a lot of value for the money; nice feature set for nontecchies.

The Bad Have to connect to a computer to batch-copy photos to memory.

The Bottom Line A good budget frame for those who like the traditional look, the HP DF820 series offers more capabilities than competitors, without too much complexity.

7.5 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8
  • Support 7

As a gift for the nontecchies or traditionalists in your life, HP's 8-inch Digital Picture Frame DF820 series hits many of the right notes. Affordably priced and relatively well constructed with the look of an old-fashioned frame, the DF820's broad but simple feature set means it's pretty easy to operate. It doesn't deliver the greatest picture quality and the internal speakers are tinny and soft, but its ability to display photos, play movies and music, and serve as a calendar and alarm clock should please those looking for something with just a little more than a basic digital slideshow for a good price.

Composed of some sort of smoothly finished pressed wood, the frame comes in basic black. It ships with interchangeable pairs of mattes for ivory and black, blue, gold, or red. Unlike many inexpensive frames, this one looks pretty attractive--not cheap or plasticy. It's easy to change the mattes; you remove the plastic back via four large thumbscrews and swap 'em out. The plastic kickstand rotates for vertical or horizontal positioning, and the frame automatically senses the orientation and rotates images and video accordingly--a nice touch in an inexpensive model.

On top of the rear are menu, playback/navigation, and mute buttons, plus a brightness-control dial. The frame also comes with a remote--a rather large one--with some direct-access controls. Two speakers sit on the back with a big power switch farther down. On one side of the frame is the power input, plus mini and full-size USB connectors for a PC, cameras, thumbdrives, and printers, as well as a CompactFlash slot and a multipurpose slot for SD, Memory Stick, and xD-Picture cards.

You can play directly from the media or copy everything onto the frame's 512MB of memory. If you copy from media onto its memory, it can automatically resize photos to save space. One annoying omission: it can't automatically copy the entire contents of the media onto its memory; you have to hook it up to a computer for that. It can only copy or delete files one at a time. (It doesn't seem to like connecting to a PC through a hub, however.)

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