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Honeywell invades the Nest

The Honeywell W-Fi Smart Thermostat makes a run at the Nest.

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Rich Brown

Honeywell doesn't get any more specific than referring to "other 'smart' thermostats" in announcing its new Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat this week, but the feature and price similarities between Honeywell's new product and the Nest Learning Thermostat couldn't be more clear.

For $249, the same price as the Nest, the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat will provide a similar set of functions to help you regulate and customize your home heating and cooling. Like the Nest, Honeywell's thermostat lets you program temperature settings on the device itself and remotely via iOS and Android devices. It also has a learning function like the Nest, the idea being that the thermostat will remember that you prefer a certain temperature when you go to bed at night, and then adjust for those preferences automatically.

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Honeywell says that differentiating features for its Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat are its ability to regulate temperature within 1 degree of accuracy (keying of reported inaccuracies with the Nest), brand-specific home humidifier filter change alert messages, as well as a color-customization option for its touch screen to help the device blend with your decor. Honeywell also says its thermostat "learns homeowners' daily schedule in just minutes," compared with "several days" required by competitors' products.


The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat will be available for DIYers to purchase at Home Depot and elsewhere next month. You can also opt for the home installer alternative, the Honeywell Prestiqe IAQ, which has the same capabilities as the Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat, as well as air quality controls.