WeMo wants to smarten up your home's humidifier

This app-enabled, IFTTT friendly appliance is the next step for Belkin and Jarden's push into smart appliances.

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Belkin took a first step into the small appliances space earlier this year with its WeMo-powered Crock-Pot , and now, they're unveiling step number two: a WeMo-enabled Smart Humidifier from Holmes that'll retail for $200 in the US (pricing and availability for the UK is yet to be determined but converted pricing would be about £120; Australian availability is up in the air, but converted pricing would be about AU$215).

Like the Crock-Pot that came before it, the WeMo humidifier is the product of Belkin's partnership with Jarden Consumer Solutions, a fairly large conglomerate of small appliance brands. Aside from Crock-Pot and Holmes, Jarden's slate includes Mr. Coffee, Sunbeam, Oster, and Breville, among others.

Up next: a WeMo heater and a WeMo coffeemaker. Belkin

As partnerships go, the Belkin/Jarden one is pretty straightforward: Jarden provides the appliances, and Belkin provides the WeMo-branded smarts. The resulting devices can be controlled and automated directly through the WeMo app, and can also expect compatibility with IFTTT, the popular online automation service.

As for the humidifier, users will be able to check and maintain their home's humidity levels through the WeMo app, and also schedule or automate when the humidifier comes off and on. The WeMo app will also send low water and filter replacement notifications.

You'll be able to control and automate your humidifier directly through the WeMo app. It'll also send you maintenance alerts. Belkin

Integration with WeMo devices means that you'll be able to automate the humidifier in tandem with other devices, such as the WeMo Light Switch , the soon-to-be-released WeMo LED Lighting Kit , or anything you keep plugged into a WeMo Switch .

IFTTT integration expands your options even further. For instance, owners of the Nest Learning Thermostat might enjoy using IFTTT to integrate WeMo's humidifier into their home's smart climate control system.

Smarts aside, Holmes' humidifier features a four-gallon tank capable of humidifying a 2,500 sq. ft. home for up to 60 hours. The devices offers five comfort settings, an automatic shut-off, and a dry-out mode, along with replaceable wick filters to help purify the water before misting it out into the air.

The Holmes Smart Humidifier is available for online pre-order now, and is expected to arrive at major retailers like Wal-Mart by next week. Belkin and Jarden haven't cemented release plans for other WeMo appliances just yet, but a Mr. Coffee coffeemaker and Holmes heater are the next WeMo additions we're expecting to see.