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Hannspree XV32 GT02 review: Hannspree XV32 GT02

The Good Good range of inputs; decent HD performance.

The Bad Poor black levels; motion problems.

The Bottom Line The Hannspree XV32 GT02 doesn't have the performance to trouble even mid-range sets from the likes of Sony, Samsung or Panasonic, but it's better than a lot of the other budget sets around at the moment. We wouldn't necessarily select it as our primary TV, but it's not a bad option as a low-cost second set for the bedroom or kitchen

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6.5 Overall

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Hannspree has made a name for itself by making a range of wacky portable TVs in the shape of helicopters, giraffes and even an elephant, complete with a trunk. This time around, it drops the novelty act to produce a no-nonsense 32-incher, the XV32 GT02, that aims to plonk itself down in the living room rather than the kid's bedroom. But can this set's rock bottom price tag of just £360 tempt buyers away from more established brands?

The company may have produced some outrageous TV designs in the past, but the XV32 is a much more sedate affair. The silver and black colour scheme doesn't really draw attention to itself, which is not a bad thing.

Hannspree has kitted out the set with a decent array of connections so you shouldn't have much problem hooking up all your AV gear. There are two HDMI sockets, a component video input, twin Scart sockets and even a PC input for good measure. The set is HD Ready with a 1,366x768-pixel resolution and has both a digital and analogue tuner built in.

Given the price, it puts in a decent performance when dealing with high-definition content. Fed via our Sky HD box, it provides plenty of sharp detail plus colours that are vivid, but never venture into the oversaturated look that distort some budget sets. Pictures from the built-in Freeview tuner look perfectly acceptable too, thanks to the punchy colours and the way it keeps nasty artefacts to a respectable level.

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