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Grundig Roam review: Grundig Roam portable DAB+ radio

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The Good Portable. Stores 15 DAB+ and 15 FM presets. Integrated antenna and speaker.

The Bad Bulkier than other pocket DAB+ units. Doesn't interact well with speaker systems.

The Bottom Line As a portable DAB+ unit the Roam works well. Stop roaming and connect it up to speakers, however, and the story is quite different.

8.1 Overall

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Grundig's Roam DAB+ digital radio looks for all the world like any of the competitors to the original iPod. Not the Nano, Shuffle, Touch, Phone or even Mini. We're thinking the original iPod, or to be more accurate any of the imitators that sprung up nine years ago, many of which were arguably better than the iPod was back then. But we digress.

We're used to retro designs in DAB+ units, but it's downright quirky to hit one that's retro, but only just so. As DAB+ units go, the Roam is smaller than most radios, but bigger than other portables like the Bush Walker or iRiver B30. The front of the Roam houses a joystick selection control surrounded by four large buttons for accessing preset stations, switching between DAB+ and FM mode, changing the two-line display info and bringing up the main menu.

On the subject of design, it was very tough while writing this review not to name drop the B52's endlessly. This would still be the obvious choice for the advertising jingle, however.

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