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Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet review: ConnectSense's solid, simple smart plug does what you ask, and nothing more

The ConnectSense Outlet features two smart plugs and Siri controls, but does it do enough to separate from similar devices?

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
2 min read

I get a kick out of saying "good morning" to my iPhone, and watching my HomeKit lights, locks and fans respond simultaneously according to my wishes. The $80 Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet plays along with the Siri-controlled smart home software baked into iOS 8 and iOS 9. Stick the device into one of your outlets, use the intuitive app to connect the plug to your home's Wi-Fi -- it walks you through every step of the 2-minute process -- and then you can plug any two dumb devices you'd like to smarten into the outlets.


Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet

The Good

The ConnectSense app makes it easy to control both of the outlets on the Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet as well as any other HomeKit device you own. The device itself works as promised.

The Bad

The $80 iOS only plug doesn't offer energy monitoring, dimming, or much of anything to help it stand out from the many available devices with the same functionality.

The Bottom Line

The ConnectSense Outlet and app work well with Apple's HomeKit and Siri controls, but it treads a well worn path at this point and doesn't have the features to stand out or the price to be a bargain.

Siri can control the two smart ConnectSense outlets together or separately, just make sure you assign them names you can remember. Both the app and the Siri controls work consistently well. You can purchase the ConnectSense outlet now on the company's site or Amazon.com. Grid Connect hopes to bring it overseas soon, where the $80 US price converts to approximately £55 and AU$115.

One device, two smart outlets, and Siri controls to boot from the ConnectSense Smart Outlet (pictures)

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The ConnectSense app deserves particular praise, as it lets you control all of your HomeKit devices, not just Grid Connect's, and makes it easy to group them into HomeKit's organizational buckets such as rooms and zones. I dismissed the app when discussing all HomeKit apps back in November, but the Grid Connect team obviously worked on it a lot since then. It's simple to create that "good morning" scene with the app, enabling many devices to respond to a single command. It even allows triggers, letting you set timers or "If this, then that"-style rules for your HomeKit devices.

Enlarge Image

Grid Connect initially promised a ZigBee antenna on the ConnectSense Outlet, but the company went the Bluetooth route instead. I also wish the bulky outlet could be positioned to leave the other wall outlet exposed, but it'll always block it.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The outlet also has a nightlight, Bluetooth, and a USB charging port, but that's it. The $40 iHome iSP5 works with Android; the $60 iDevices Switch includes energy monitoring. The ConnectSense doesn't do either, so I recommend the iDevices plug over it, at least until ConnectSense unleashes its own energy monitoring. According to the company, that feature is built into the hardware, just not ready on the software side.

Right now, the ConnectSense Outlet is a solid smart outlet, especially if you have a couple of devices in close proximity that you want to automate separately. I enjoy the HomeKit functionality it offers, but the best part of ConnectSense -- the app -- is free and useful whether or not you buy the plug. The plug joins HomeKit's growing bag of interconnected tricks, but doesn't stand out from the rest.


Grid Connect ConnectSense Smart Outlet

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