Gogogate2 review: The Gogogate2 makes garage management easy

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The Good The Gogogate2 is a capable garage controller that supports up to three doors at once and works with third-party cameras for live images in the Gogogate app.

The Bad Setup is a bit tedious on the app and connectivity side, and you'll need IFTTT applets to use voice assistants or to set up geofencing.

The Bottom Line The reasonably priced Gogogate2 supports nearly every function you'd want in a smart garage, though several rely on IFTTT applets.

7.3 Overall
  • Features 8
  • Usability 7
  • Design 6
  • Performance 8

When it comes to smartening your garage door, there are two basic options: Replace your garage door opener, motor and all, with a smart model, or add a smart garage door controller accessory. If you're going the add-on accessory route, I'd recommend the reasonably priced $119 Gogogate2 for its camera integrations, user management and customizable smarts.


The Gogogate2 adheres to your existing garage door opener or wall-mounted push button. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

You can purchase the Gogogate2 individually for $119 or as part of a kit. The $139 Gogogate2 Kit For Garage includes the Gogogate2 and a tilt sensor that attaches to your garage door. There's also the $219 Ultimate Garage Kit that adds an iSmartGate IP camera to the tilt sensor and the Gogogate2 device for live images of your space.


Setting up the Gogogate2 involves connecting the device to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network, pairing it with the sensor and registering it in the app. Gogogate's online instructions walked me through the somewhat tedious setup well enough. Once the tilt sensor was paired with the device, registering everything in the app was a longer process than any other controller I've tested, but nothing about it was particularly confusing. Installing the Gogogate2 takes just a few minutes and a screwdriver. The Gogogate2 connects to your garage door either by wiring into the push button on the wall of your garage that traditionally controls the garage door opener or by wiring directly into the opener itself. 

I chose to use the provided adhesive strip to mount the Gogogate2 to the bottom of the garage door opener at the CNET Smart Home. Next, you'll attach the two wires to the open and close command nodes of your opener or push button. The Gogogate2 comes with three sets of two-wire cable for controlling up to three garage doors with one unit.  


The Gogogate2 includes three sets of two-wire cable for connecting to your garage door opener. 

Chris Monroe/CNET

Along with installing the Gogogate2, you'll also need to install the tilt sensor. This small, white device adheres to your garage door to transmit the door's position (horizontal for open and vertical for closed) to the Gogogate2 via a 2.4Ghz wireless frequency. Powered by two AAA batteries, the sensor also provide provides temperature readings displayed in the Gogogate app. Though it's an added cost, the tilt sensor does make setup easier than systems like the Garadget which rely on centering a laser on a reflective tag to pinpoint door position. If you need to control multiple doors, additional sensors cost $35.

Camera options

The IP camera by iSmartGate, parent company of Gogogate, connects to the Gogogate app for live images of your space. You're not limited to using the iSmartGate camera, though. Gogogate works with several other cameras, including the Nest Cam ($124 at Amazon) and cameras from makers like D-Line, Foscam, TP-Link and Insteon. You can take a look at the full compatibility chart. The catch? You'll likely have to do a significant amount of work to set these up. With D-Link, you'll need to download and run the D-Link Wizard software to retrieve information about your camera's IP address. In Nest's case, you'll need to put your camera into public sharing mode to copy a sharing URL and input it into the Gogogate app. You can find specific instructions for each camera brand on Gogogate's website.


The Gogogate2 works with multiple IP cameras, including the in-house model, the  iSmartGate cam. 

Chris Monroe/CNET