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Digitsole warms your feet and tracks your steps (hands-on)

A Bluetooth-connected insole that can warm your feet while tracking your steps, distance, calories burned and altitude. What will they think of next?

Dan Graziano/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- What will they put Bluetooth in next? Well, how about an insole for your shoes? Glagla has created what it calls the world's first connected heating and interactive insole, the Digitsole, shown here at the 2015 International CES. The company successfully funded a Kickstarter campaign in November and is now ready to ship its product across the globe.

The Digitsole is half activity tracker and half foot warmer. After you provide the company's Android or iOS app with information about your age, height, sex and weight, the insole is capable of tracking your steps, distance and calories burned and determining your altitude. Believe it or not, the Digitsole also includes a built-in thermostat and can warm your feet.

Dan Graziano/CNET

The heating feature can be enabled using the smartphone app, from which you can individually adjust each insole to the perfect temperature. Battery life is rated at between 6 and 9 hours with continuous heat, although that varies depending on your temperature. The higher the heat, the faster the battery will drain. A small Micro-USB port is hidden under a flap near the back of the heel. A company representative said it should take around 3 hours for a complete charge, which seems like a long time considering the size of the battery.

Dan Graziano/CNET

The Digitsole looks and feels like a normal insole. I wasn't able to actually test it, but if it actually works it could be very appealing for people with poor circulation in their feet. That heat won't come cheap, though. A pack that comes with two Digitsole insoles is available now for $200. The Digitsole is also available in Europe for €150, which converts to about £115 in the UK. Pricing and availability wasn't announced for Australia, although the US price converts to AU$250.

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