LAS VEGAS--With its innovative hi-fi docking station, the upcoming Ghost Bee headphones by BeeWi add a new level of versatility to a typically straightforward headphone experience.

According to BeeWi, Ghost Bee headphones can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device to support stereo music playback or hands-free communication. Along the edge of one of the earcups are buttons that enable you to control your music or calls. These buttons lie flush with the molded plastic, giving the product an overall sleek look.

But the most intriguing thing about Ghost Bee is its unique hi-fi dock, which can be plugged into a home stereo system. With this accessory, a user can stream music to the headphones, then stop and plug the headphones into the dock, and continue listening on larger speakers. From what I've seen, the transition is almost seamless, which makes for some very intriguing use-case scenarios.

Ghost Bee headphones are slated for release on February 15, 2013, and will cost $179.