GE PDT750SSFSS review: GE's midrange performer has a high-end price

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MSRP: $949.00

The Good The high-end $1,200 GE Profile Series PDT750SSFSS dishwasher is competent at cleaning and drying dishes, features include bottle-wash jets, rack-specific cycles and flexible loading.

The Bad The GE PDT750SSFSS cleans competently, but not as well as we'd expect of a $1,200 machine. It doesn't have the third rack for extra space that's becoming more common for this price range.

The Bottom Line Because it's easy to use and has helpful features, the GE PDT750SSFSS has some charm to it, but it doesn't live up to its $1,200 price.

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7.5 Overall
  • Performance 7
  • Features 8
  • Usability 8
  • Design 7

Editors' note, June 9th, 2016: We retested the GE PDT750SSFSS after refining our lab conditions to increase water pressure. The results, text, and score of the review have been updated accordingly.

GE's high-end Profile Series promises "clean lines" and "brilliant touches that answer real-life needs." The $1,200 GE PDT750SSFSS Profile dishwasher lives up to the billing with a sleek stainless-steel finish and an impressive list of useful features such as the option to run a cycle on only one rack at a time and water jets that fit inside a tall bottle. The hidden controls keep the front uncluttered, and the 16-place-setting capacity feels roomy.

The bottle-wash feature in particular is unique and interesting, but the other features of the PDT750SSFSS, though impressive on their own, are less so when compared with the competition at this lofty price. For $1,200, plenty of other models, such as the LG LDT9965BD, include a third rack for utensils and flatware, which this GE does not. The LG LDT9965BD also cleans better than the GE PDT750SSFSS, and its black stainless finish doesn't smudge as easily.

If you want a high-end machine, I'd recommend LG's LDT9965BD over the GE PDT750SSFSS, but don't get me wrong, this GE Profile Dishwasher isn't bad at cleaning. In fact, it performed pretty well in our stressful series of tests, and its features are clever and well-implemented. The GE PDT750SSFSS is expensive for a dishwasher, but the useful features and competent cleaning almost make it worth it. If you find it on sale, it's worth considering.

An inside-out look at GE's fancy cleaner

With its black wire racks against the backdrop of a stainless-steel tub, the finer points of the interior of the GE PDT750SSFSS don't stand out at first. The blue tips on the water jets provide a bit of color, and I liked the curved X shape of the two reversing quad-blade wash arms -- a big one at the bottom of the tub and a slightly smaller one hanging beneath the upper rack. Similar blue tips cover the bottle-wash tines on the upper rack.

Between those four bottle-wash jets on the left side of the upper rack, and the two fold-down stem holders with crevices for chopsticks, the GE PDT750SSFSS builds a lot of options for flexible use into a plain but professional-looking interior. Pull out the rack and you'll see a lever on either side that lets you adjust its height. Push the levers and it drops. Pull up on the sides of the rack and it'll click back into place in its upper position, 2 inches higher. Within the upper rack, the two left columns of tines fold down with a push, and click back into place with a snap.

The bottle-wash jets are the highlight of a solid list of features.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Similarly, the two rows of tines on the bottom rack can shift to three different angles or fold down entirely. Even the silverware basket that sits on the right side of the bottom rack can break apart into three pieces if you'd rather use some of that space for larger dishes.

Moving the upper rack up or down lets you load wine glasses or tall bottles for one run, and big pans into the bottom rack for the next. You can even use the Wash Zones button on the upper lip of the door to only run one rack at a time. Or let the dishwasher run a cycle and the quad arms, along with the bottle wash jets and a set of jets on the middle left side, will do their best to spray dishes from every angle.

The side jets add to this dishwasher's spray coverage.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

The GE PDT750SSFSS offers seven different cycle options, with up to 10 combinations of cycle add-ons, including the aforementioned Wash Zone option, as well as PreSoak, Bottle Wash, Wash Temp and Power Dry. Most of the add-ons have their own buttons to the right of the main display, along with a button to delay the start of the cycle up to 12 hours. The bottle-wash jets will actually spray during most cycles, regardless of whether you've selected that add-on. Pressing the button just extends the time they spray.

A color LCD screen in the middle of the upper lip shows your selections, and buttons on either side of it let you scroll through the seven cycles of the dishwasher, then start the cycle when you have your options picked out. The seven cycle options are normal, auto, heavy, light, rinse, express and eWash, the last of which uses only 2 gallons of water at low power for extra efficiency.

Use the buttons on the hidden control panel to pick your options.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

I found it disconcerting at first that you have to pick your options for the run and hit Start with the door open -- then you're prompted to close the door within 10 seconds to get things rolling. Otherwise, it'll cancel the start and you'll need to hit the button again.

The dishwashers I grew up with let you pick your options with the door closed, but since the now-popular hidden controls are likely to be under your counter with the door closed, doing things in this order makes sense and is common with dishwashers of this type.

The LCD panel goes blank after your dishwasher starts. Instead of a timer or status indicator on that panel, the word "Washing" lights up on a small display on the front of the machine. It'll switch to the word "Clean" when the cycle's done, but I wish the PDT750SSFSS did more to keep you posted about how it's progressing and how long it'll be until it's done.

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