GE GFWS1700HWW review: This front-load GE washer tackles your laundry head-on

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The Good Not only is $900 a very good price for a front-load washing machine, the GE GFWS1700HWW manages to hold its own alongside more expensive models in terms of options and ease of use.

The Bad The display is better than the one on GE's $1,100 GFWS2600FWW, but it still looks too cluttered.

The Bottom Line GE's GFWS1700HWW is a well-rounded washer and a reasonable upgrade over the most basic of models, but it doesn't excel in any category.

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7.2 Overall
  • Design 7.5
  • Usability 6.5
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7.5

As one of GE's least expensive front-load washing machines, the $900 GFWS1700HWW isn't fancy. Even so, I wouldn't call this washer entry-level. Complete with 10 cleaning cycles, a steam function and a large-capacity tub, it's competitive with plenty of pricier models, even GE's own $1,100 GFWS2600FWW.

Overall, the GFWS1700HWW combines powerful stain removal with solid features and design. I don't love the look of its overcrowded control panel, but it's a definite improvement over the GFWS2600FWW's tough-to-use interface.

Consider GE's GFWS1700HWW if you're in the market for a simple washer upgrade that's still relatively affordable


Does this 'budget' washer stack up?

It's hard to call a $900 appliance low-cost, but the GFWS1700HWW is one of GE's most budget-friendly front-load washers. And you actually get quite a lot for the price. Its 10 cleaning cycles are all accessible from the dial on the display panel. They are:

  • Active Wear
  • Basket Clean
  • Bulky/Bedding
  • Colors/Normals
  • Delicates/Hand Wash
  • NSF Sanitize
  • Quick Wash
  • Rinse & Spin
  • Towels/Sheets
  • Whites

The GFWS1700HWW also has a steam function that you can enable for select cycles to target tough stains. Its 4.3-cubic-foot capacity isn't quite as large as the 4.5 cubic-foot norm for front-load washers, yet it's close enough to not make a significant difference in your load size. Overall, the GFWS1700HWW can hold its own alongside more expensive front-load options like the GE GFWS2600FWW and even Electrolux's $1,099 EFLS617S. Here's a closer look at the GFWS1700HWW versus the competition:

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