Gateway M320 series

Editors' note: In early September 2005, Gateway changed the names of many of its laptops. Read our explanation to learn how to make sense of the new names and where to find CNET's reviews of Gateway laptops. (10/6/05)

Gateway revamps its thin-and-light design with the new M320 series. Gone are the boxy touch pad, the square mouse buttons, and the wasted wrist-rest space. Their absence allows for some thoughtful touches, such as a handy four-in-one card reader for flash memory cards and a rubbery wrist-rest coating that helps keep your hands in place when you're typing. Available in a number of configurations, the M320 series features Intel mobile processors, integrated Wi-Fi, and optical drives, all in a relatively small and light 5.5-pound package. We tested the highest-end configuration, the Gateway M320XL; unfortunately, short battery life undercut its otherwise decent performance.