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Gateway DX200

The DX200 series occupies an awkward middle ground: it's too expensive for value shoppers and lacks the features found on slightly pricier midrange PCs.

Gateway DX200 series

The DX200 series are the cheapest Pentium-class systems that Gateway sells. While they are perfectly capable of handling most common computer tasks, they use an older chipset and lack a graphics upgrade path. For slightly more money, better budget and mainstream options are available.

The DX200S cuts the RAM to 256MB, simply not enough for even modest computing needs. It also comes with Windows XP Home Edition. The DX200X and the DX200-QS have a more reasonable 512MB of RAM and the Media Center version of Windows. The higher-end DX200-QS has a 160GB hard drive, while the other two models have 80GB hard drives. While these are adequate performers, better choices for budget and mainstream machines are out there.

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