Riding a bike can be dangerous, this is especially true in major cities. Garmin hopes to change that with its new new smart glasses, which it announced at CES in Las Vegas.

The Varia Vision is similar to Google Glass. It's a small wearable computer that clips right onto a pair of sunglasses. A small color display hangs over the right eye and shows performance data and turn-by-turn directions from a compatible Garmin Edge bike computer. It's unclear the resolution of the display, but Garmin has said it will be readable in all weather conditions.

Just like with Google Glass, a small touch panel on the side of unit lets you swipe through different display screens. Garmin has said that the panel will work in rainy conditions and even with gloves on. The device also includes smart alerts. A slight vibration will notify riders to incoming calls, texts and more from their Android or iPhone.

The Varia Vision weighs approximately an ounce (29.7 grams to be exact) and will last up to eight hours with continuous usage, which should be more than enough for most cyclists. The device can also be paired with Garmin's Varia Rearview Radar system to warn riders directly on the display of vehicles approaching from behind.

The Varia Vision will begin shipping by the end of March and will retail for $400. The US price converts to about £270 in the UK and AU$555 in Australia.

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