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Garmin iQue 3200

Garmin iQue 3200

Quick Take: Last year, the Garmin iQue 3600 blazed a new trail by combining a GPS receiver and a Palm PDA in one device. Now the company has released a scaled-back version with a lower price. The iQue 3200 has a smaller screen (3 inches diagonal and 320x320 pixels vs.3.8 inches diagonal and 320x480), and it lacks the MP3 player, the voice recorder, and the headset jack. It does include SDIO support, so you could, for example, add a Bluetooth adapter; it also includes a car adapter kit. It comes equipped with the same 200MHz Motorola processor, 32MB of memory, and standard PDA functions found on the 3600. Yet the main attraction remains its GPS capabilities, the handheld ships with maps of the United States and Canada, and it gives voice-guided directions. Of course, you could also add GPS to your existing handheld using Bluetooth wireless. The iQue 3200 costs about $50 less than the 3600, so you should be able to find the 3200 on the street for a little more than $400. Perhaps not coincidentally, that also puts it in direct competition with the Mitac Mio 168, which also has a GPS receiver onboard. For a more in-depth look at the Garmin iQue series, check out our hands-on review of the 3600.

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