G-Form, the company known for dropping iPhones and iPads from the stratosphere to show off how tough its Xtreme cases are, is rolling out new cases next week at CES.

The Xtreme iPhone 5 ($39.99) and Samsung Galaxy S3 ($39.99) cases are already shipping, and G-Form has unveiled new cases for the iPad 3/4 ($89.95) and iPad Mini ($89.95), as well as the latest iPod Touch ($39.99) that should be available in the next month.

The G-Form Xtreme iPhone case comes in multiple colors and costs $39.99. G-Form

According to G-Form, the secret sauce behind its cases is its three-layer "technique," which combines its "patented Reactive Protection Technology with a rigid outer polycarbonate shell and an inner shock-absorbing TPE insert."

G-Form has new cases for the iPad 3/4 and iPad Mini. G-Form

I've used the X-Protect iPhone 4/4S case and like it. For a tough case, it's relatively lightweight, not too bulky, and has a unique look.

Of course, it's a little bit of overkill to drop a phone from 100,000 feet -- especially since the case probably wouldn't protect the phone if it dropped 2 feet into a toilet -- but hey, it makes for a popular YouTube video.

The whole Xtreme lineup -- all the cases will be available in multiple colors. G-Form