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Fujitsu LifeBook P8110 review: Fujitsu LifeBook P8110

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The Good Good battery life. . Elegance in design. . Plenty of ports.

The Bad Small space bar. . Pricey for a 12-inch laptop. . Not a graphics powerhouse.

The Bottom Line Fujitsu's sturdy and attractive LifeBook has good battery life and should appeal to business types.

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7.9 Overall

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Fujitsu's not a company that pitches particularly at the direct consumer market, and as a result many of its LifeBook lines have a rather staid, corporate look. That's definitely the case with the P8110, a black and silver 12.1-inch notebook that measures in at 282x215x29mm and 1.38kg. Tastes vary, but we rather like the elegantly understated design over some of the flashier notebooks on the market today.

A 12.1-inch screen invariably means that there's not a lot of space to dedicate to the keyboard, but in most respects Fujitsu has done well with the spacing, with the notable exception of the space bar itself, which feels a little stunted. Above the keyboard you'll find five programmable buttons that by default offer support, browser, email, power-saving modes and a user-selectable application option.


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