Fujifilm FinePix J110w review: Fujifilm FinePix J110w

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The Good Offers value for money; good styling, build and finish; 5x wideangle zoom unusual for the price; produces bright, clean colours.

The Bad Slightly overcooked image processing; autofocus isn't that fast; dull-looking LCD outdoors.

The Bottom Line The main difference between the Fujifilm FinePix J110w and the J150w is the size of the LCD screen. But don't let Fujifilm's confusing model range put you off. This is one of those rare cameras that's both cheap and good. For less than £100, 10 megapixels and a 5x wideangle zoom are an absolute bargain

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7.5 Overall

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Fujifilm's J-series cameras are designed to be fun, affordable and suitable for family use. They're certainly affordable -- canny shoppers should be able to snap up the FinePix J110w for around £90. For that, you get a metal body, 5x optical zoom and 10-megapixel sensor -- not bad.

The J110w is one smart little camera. By today's standards, 10 megapixels might not be cutting-edge, but it's more than enough for most jobs, and, in real terms, 12- and 14-megapixel models don't really deliver much more definition.

The 5x optical zoom is quite a surprise at this price, especially since it's a wideangle zoom equivalent to 28-140mm.

This J110w test shot shows hardly any distortion, not much colour fringing and good fine detail. There's an odd combination of sharpening and smoothing going on, but, given the price, it's a great result (click image to enlarge)

The specs are good, but the design is even better. For the money, you'd expect little more than a plastic blob, but the J110w has a really elegant, minimalist finish. There are two controls on the top -- one's the power button, the other's the shutter-release/zoom lever. Round the back, there's just a mode dial, a navigation pad and a pair of buttons.

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