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The Fluance Fi70 is on sale now for $500.


Canadian audio company Fluance, known for making high-performing speakers at modest prices, has something new and slightly unusual for sale: the giant $500 Fi70 Bluetooth speaker. It's billed as the first wireless speaker to house dual 8-inch drivers and has a hole in its middle. No word yet on international pricing or whether it will be sold to overseas customers, but the price converts to about £350 or AU$705.

Needless to say, the Fi70 isn't a portable speaker and doesn't have a built-in rechargeable battery. Like the other Bluetooth speakers in Fluance's current line-up, you have to plug it in.

We've liked the company's earlier wireless models, including the more compact Fi50, and look forward to getting this one in for some testing. Though we're not looking forward to unpacking and packing it back up to return after we're through with it. It weighs a whopping 81 pounds (or 37 kg).

The Fi70 also comes in white.


Here are the Fi70's key specs, according to Fluance:

  • Powerful integrated 280-watt amplifier and six-speaker configuration, including dual 8-inch subwoofers.
  • Exceptional bass response starting as low as 30Hz.
  • Cabinet design is hand crafted with audio-grade wood, separate enclosures and a thick front baffle to perfect the reproduction of your favorite music.
  • Wirelessly stream music instantly from Spotify, Pandora, iTunes or your own music library for room-filling, concert-like sound.
  • AptX-enhanced Bluetooth audio technology.
  • Feature extras include AM/FM radio, adjustable EQ, touch controls, audio input, digital optical input, LED display, alarm clock and USB port for charging your devices.