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Ferrari Scuderia P200 by Logic 3 review: Ferrari Scuderia P200 by Logic 3

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The Good Bright, angry design will appeal to Ferrari fans; decent overall sound quality.

The Bad Styling won't be to everyone's tastes; ear-cup casing feels cheap; sound could be warmer.

The Bottom Line The Ferrari Scuderia P200 headphones by Logic 3 rev-up a fairly decent sound but the bold, garish styling will appeal to only the most dedicated of petrolheads.

Visit for details.

7.5 Overall

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Want to drive around town in a brand new red Ferrari but don't have a spare couple of hundred grand lying around? Well, for the not inconsiderable price of £200 you could grab the Ferrari Scuderia P200 headphones instead -- a set of cans modelled after the iconic Italian motors. 

It won't trick anyone into thinking you've got the car, but the truly dedicated petrolheads might be comforted to have the Ferrari emblem atop their noggin.

The P200s are available now for £242 from the Ferrari website or for £199 from Harrods. 

Design and build

If you're looking for a calm, mature pair of headphones to serenely sing your favourite music to you, look away now. These aren't the headphones you're looking for. The P200s are modelled to mimic the testosterone-teasing appeal of Ferraris, with the sort of bright, garish design you'd expect to see at a race track.

They're over-ear cans that are somewhat chunkier than the average pair of headphones. That's no coincidence -- the P200s are supposed to look exactly like the ear defenders worn by Ferrari mechanics working on its Formula 1 cars. Logic 3 have replicated them rather well, so if you've always dreamed of standing next to a performance car, clutching a wrench like an excited toddler clamps a lolly, they'll be right up your pit lane.

Ferrari Scuderia P200 by Logic 3 cup
To match the luxury ethos of the Ferrari stable, the cups are hewn from the highest quality materials and... actually, they're just plastic.

The P200s are, of course, slathered in a bold letterbox red, complete with chrome accenting and black carbon fibre-effect panels to add an extra element of machismo. Sadly, there's no real carbon fibre here, they're just textured plastic. Given their sheer size, you're unlikely to be using them on the bus to get to work so they're better left next to your hi-fi.

Naturally, headphones like these are aimed at a niche market -- the total Ferrari fanatic. If you're not into cars, or if you prefer Lamborghinis or Aston Martins, then go and check out some other cans like the Denon AH-D1100s or the House of Marley Destiny TTRs -- you certainly won't feel as embarrassed being seen using them.

It's a shame that the P200s don't feature any of the aluminum or carbon fibre found on the cars. The plastic feels less than premium -- the casing on the cups in particular feels rather cheap, as does the headband. Still, you don't get the impression they're likely to fall apart. Given they're unlikely to be travelling around with you too much, they hopefully won't succumb to much damage.

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