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Fayve for iPad review: Find your Fayve movies from online services

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The Good Fayve gives you an excellent graphical interface for browsing movies from several different online movie services.

The Bad You can view by popularity or by movie service, but there is no way to view every movie or show available by genre.

The Bottom Line If you want to see what's playing on all the major online services, Fayve offers an excellent way to browse movies and TV shows with an intuitive interface.


8.5 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 8
  • Interface 10
  • Performance 8

Fayve for iPad lets you browse movie, TV, and video libraries of several popular services so you can see everything that's available to watch from one intuitive interface.

Using a multiple-tiered, rotating carousel-like 3D interface, you browse the app by rotating tiers to the selections you want, then drilling down from there. You can either browse through What's Hot, New Arrivals, Fayves (shows you've already added to favorites), or even look at info about what's in theaters now.

When you choose, New Arrivals, for example, you can select All (services) or which service you want to see using the second tier of the carousel. Fayve pulls info from Amazon, Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Redbox, YouTube, and Crackle. With a service selected, you can browse through available movies and shows by swiping each carousel tier below to the left or right. At the bottom of the interface, a filters section lets you designate which services you want to use -- an important designation because you can turn off services that only rent or sell the show, giving you only results you can watch right now. Though it's hard to explain, the second you start playing with the interface, you'll immediately know what to do.

When you select a movie or show, you go to its info page where you can find a synopsis, rating, show length, and find out which services currently have it either to watch now, rent, or purchase. You can look at the cast and crew of the movie or TV show and get info about each person. The info page also has a recommendations section that gives you similar movies from the same genre.

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