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Eye-Fi Pro X2 review: Eye-Fi Pro X2

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The Good Fast write speed; quick upload speed; able to upload over ad-hoc wireless networks.

The Bad Probably too expensive unless you're a professional photographer; some cameras aren't compatible.

The Bottom Line The Eye-Fi Pro X2 builds on a great idea, adding some useful new features that are well implemented. It's probably too expensive to gain mass-market appeal, but, if you're a professional photographer, it could prove an invaluable time-saving device

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8.3 Overall

The Eye-Fi Pro X2 is a Wi-Fi-enabled SDHC memory card. Pop it in your camera and you can transfer your pictures to your computer via a wireless connection at home or a local hotspot. The 8GB X2 is the latest model in the Eye-Fi range, and adds a few new features, such as the ability to transfer images via ad-hoc networks, and the option to upload raw images. At £120, it's a serious investment, though, so does the Wi-Fi capability justify the price?

Choose your assignment
To use the X2's wireless functionality, you'll need to assign the card to a wireless network. We found this process quite simple. The X2 comes with a USB card reader and, to get started, you'll need to attach this to your computer with the X2 inserted. The card comes pre-loaded with the software you need, and, once it's installed, you'll be taken through the set-up process. This involves finding your local Wi-Fi network, and assigning the X2 to that connection.

Once a connection is assigned, you can use the X2 in your camera just as you would a normal memory card. Take a picture, and the Eye-Fi Helper software on your computer will pick up any photos you've taken and begin uploading them.

You can select the destination folder for uploaded images using the Eye-Fi Center software

Because the photos you take are stored in the X2's 8GB of memory, the card is able to work through any backlog of photos that develops, so you don't have to worry about waiting for an image to upload before snapping a new one. We found that uploading a 12-megapixel image took around 15 seconds over a 24Mbps connection, so don't expect your photos to pop up on your computer instantaneously.

Class of its own
The X2 is a Class 6 memory card, so you'll get a minimum data-transfer speed of 6Mbps, and higher if your device can support it. That means you'll get a decent write speed using the X2 -- the less time it takes to write data to the memory card, the more time you can spend snapping.

There are several configurations you can use when uploading from the X2. The 'endless memory' mode will clear space on your card as needed, by deleting uploaded content once the memory has filled up to a pre-defined point. Users can change the point at which the X2 starts clearing space by adjusting a slider in the software settings. We had no problems using this feature, although whether you'll really find it that useful is something you'll have to decide for yourself -- when using this mode, you lose the security of having your images stored on both your PC and memory card.

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