Eurocom T200C convertible tablet PC

Eurocom T200C convertible tablet PC

Tom Dunlap

Canadian PC maker Eurocom today joined the ranks of convertible tablet PC makers, unveiling the Centrino-based Eurocom T200C convertible tablet PC. The T200C sports a twist-and-fold, 14.1-inch screen--big for a tablet--and runs a Pentium M ranging from 1.4GHz to 1.7GHz.

Upside: You may not have heard of Eurocom, but this company has churned out some noteworthy notebooks of late. The T200C continues that trend with cutting-edge specs, such as the aforementioned large screen and a small, internal camera for videoconferencing. In an unusual twist, Eurocom does not offer Microsoft's specialized tablet PC OS with this system. Instead, the company bundles Windows XP Pro or Home or Windows 2000. RitePen and RiteMail electronic handwriting-recognition software is also included. Other useful features include built-in wireless networking and long battery life. Eurocom claims that the T200C can reach six hours of battery life; check back to see how it fares in CNET Labs' upcoming tests.

Downside: At 4.8 pounds, the Eurocom tablet is heavier than some slate tablets, particularly the 2.2-pound NEC Versa LitePad.

Outlook: The tablet-PC buzz appears to be picking up again, but we never see anyone walking around with one. Plus, Eurocom is still a small company, so it remains to be seen if this tablet can break out of niche status. Stay tuned.