Eudora 7 review: Eudora 7

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The Good Eudora 7 offers a time-saving X1 search feature, a clean layout, and good online help resources; free options are available with and without ads.

The Bad Eudora 7 lacks a Mac version and offers mediocre live support.

The Bottom Line Eudora 7 is a good choice for e-mail users who manage lots of messages and need better searching than Microsoft Outlook provides.

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7.3 Overall
  • Setup 7
  • Features 8
  • Support 7

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If you want to manage your e-mail better, Eudora 7's simple interface and boffo search engine make it worth the $49 (or $39 upgrade) price. The extensive new X1 search within this desktop e-mail application provides more options than Outlook, a boon if you manage large amounts of e-mail. Sure, Qualcomm left Mac users out in the cold with version 7, its "live" technical support leads to voicemail, and the BossWatch feature won't add value for most users. Still, online and downloadable help resources are spiffed up, and corporate users can enjoy the IMAP improvements and the S-MIME addition.

No longer available on CD, Eudora 7's poky download took us about half an hour via DSL on our Windows XP machine. This 16.4MB program works with Windows 98, 2000, Me, and XP. After you download Eudora 7, you can choose from three modes of operation: Paid, Sponsored, and Light. The Paid mode includes SpamWatch and other goodies from Eudora 6, as well as a new X1 Indexed Search, the e-mail-screening BossWatch, live technical support, and a year of upgrades. These features are missing from the stripped-down, free versions: the ad-free Light and Sponsored Mode (with adware).

Eudora 7's impressive Indexed Search quickly looks through any combination of mailboxes with up to five search levels.

Eudora 7 sports the same clean interface as version 6, with large, simple icons along the top and mailboxes on the left side. A list of messages and a mail preview pane take up most of the screen. Unlike Corel WordPerfect Mail and Eudora's nemesis, Microsoft Outlook, Eudora 7 doesn't contain extras such as a calendar. Instead, Eudora 7 focuses on providing top-notch e-mail management.

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