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Epson R3000 review: Epson R3000

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The Good Excellent monochrome results; Vivid natural colours; Impressive detail levels; Quiet print engine.

The Bad Larger capacity ink cartridges don't bring huge savings; Print speeds are a tad sluggish.

The Bottom Line The larger-capacity ink cartridges haven't reduced print costs by much and the print engine could be a tad faster, but the Epson R3000 produces excellent results on both colour and monochrome prints, delivering images with rich contrast and beautifully natural colours.

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8.8 Overall

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The R3000 is the follow-up to Epson's highly-rated R2800 large-format printer. It can handle big sheets of up to A3+ in size and uses a total of nine ink cartridges to deliver more professional quality prints.

All this technology doesn't come cheap. To get your mitts on this beast you're going to have to shell out around £550.

Design and features

The R3000 isn't aimed at amateurs who want to run off a few snaps. It's targeted at serious photo enthusiasts and designers who want to produce top quality printouts of their work on paper sizes up to A3+.

The bigger paper that this model can handle requires a large chassis, measuring 616mm wide, so it's likely to need a dedicated desk. The design is utilitarian, with the only flourishes being rounded edges on the top and bottom and a sliver band around the front.

Epson R3000
You can print directly to CD/DVD using the mounting tray provided.

There was no screen on the older R2800 model, but Epson has added one this time around, along with large cursor buttons to help you move through the menus. The screen displays animated instructions for loading various paper and media types, saving you having to dig out the manual.

The R3000 can handle a range of papers. As well as A4 and A3 sheets, this model can print to paper on a roll or onto card. There's also a CD/DVD mounting tray provided so you can print directly to the surface of discs.

Standard A4 and A3 paper is loaded into a vertical tray at the back and this gets fed into a pull-out tray at the front. You can also load card of up to 1.3mm in thickness one sheet at a time into the printer's single-sheet feeder at the front. This slot is used for printing CDs or DVDs. The machine comes with an adaptor for attaching a roll to the back, while the printed results are fed out the front.


The R3000 uses a lot of cartridges -- nine in total, including three black cartridges to help it produce more natural-looking monochrome images. Epson has upped the cartridge size too, so they're now more than twice as large as its predecessor. Of course, this means you won't have to change them as frequently but it hasn't had a huge impact on the overall ink costs.

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