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Quick Take: Though express may be overstating the case, Epson's update to the original PictureMate can't help but be faster than its incredibly sluggish predecessor. Despite the PictureMate Express's extra kick, however, Epson's claimed speed of 80 seconds for a 4x6-inch print indicates that it will probably still lag behind other standalone snapshot printers--and keep in mind that printers rarely meet their claimed speeds. Epson plans to keep the earlier version on the market, albeit at a reduced price, and will drop the price of the recently released PictureMate Deluxe Viewer Edition, as well. Furthermore, a new 270-sheet PictureMate Print Pack translates into a drop in per-print cost, though its $65 price tag may send you into sticker shock. Aside from the speed bump, the Express is identical to the original; it will cost $149 when it ships this month.