Envision EN9600 review: Envision EN9600

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The Good Solid image quality; simple to set up; easy to use.

The Bad Analog only; wobbly base; no speakers or headphone jack.

The Bottom Line We have only minor complaints about the Envision EN9600's image quality, but other 19-inch LCDs offer more features, better stability, and comparable image quality for the same price.

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6.2 Overall
  • Design 4
  • Features 5
  • Performance 8
  • Support 5
  • Setup 7

Envision EN9600

It used to be that a basic, VGA-only 19-inch LCD such as the Envision EN9600 could win fans by virtue of its good image quality and low price. That's becoming more difficult as other LCDs such as the Westinghouse LCM-19v5 and the Acer AL1951 offer features such as digital inputs and integrated speakers along with a clean, crisp image and the same low price. At a $350 price point, we recommend the comparatively feature-laden Westinghouse or Acer units or the highly adjustable Dell UltraSharp 1905FP, which also turns in good image quality.

The thick, rounded bezel of the Envision EN9600 gives the monitor a quaint, even outdated, look. The bezel is black with a silver inlay and measures 1 inch on three sides and grows to almost 2 inches at the bottom, where it has five tiny, silver-colored control buttons and acquires a bumpy texture like that of a Ping-Pong paddle. The EN9600's anvil-shaped base is a bit unstable, and its connection with the neck is weak, causing the panel to wobble at the slightest touch. If you stabilize the base with one hand and hold the top of the display with the other, you can tilt the panel forward 5 degrees and back 20. The EN9600 is on the short side, rising just 2.5 inches above the desktop--we think 3 inches is a good height for a fixed monitor--and you can't raise, lower, pivot, or swivel it.

The power button is the largest of the EN9600's little, round control-panel buttons--and it's smaller than an M&M candy. All the control buttons are raised, so they're easy to engage, but the labels blend into the bezel so well that they're virtually impossible to read. From left to right, they are Auto Adjust, Brightness, Power, Contrast, and Menu. The Brightness and Contrast buttons double as directional scrolling arrows within the onscreen menu.

First-time setup of the EN9600 is a breeze, and the analog-only monitor doesn't require you to install any drivers. Envision includes both a VGA cable and a power cord. You won't find a quick-start guide, but a printed manual covers the setup procedure and provides a few troubleshooting tips.

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