Electrolux's laundry system claims to handle wool, delicates

Electrolux's PerfectCare washers and dryers are supposed to limit your dry cleaning visits.

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You can add a "FreshScent" to Electrolux's 900 ColorCare, 800 UltraCare and 700 SteamCare washing machines.


Electrolux's range of PerfectCare washing machines and dryers are supposed to limit your trips to the dry cleaner. That's a pretty big claim, given that fabrics like wool historically are a no-go for home laundry appliances, especially dryers.

"The Electrolux PerfectCare range of washing machines and dryers ensures clothing continues to perform and look its best, with the right care for a variety of garments, from denim, cashmere and wool to technical wear and even delicates," says Betsy Salas, Product Marketing Laundry, Electrolux EMEA.

Electrolux doesn't go into much detail about how it's going to accomplish this feat in the official press release. Even so, it has an expansive product lineup in the works.

  • 900 ColorCare washer/CycloneCare dryer: The ColorCare cleans with purified water and the CycloneCare can supposedly "air-dry" delicates like silk.
  • 800 UltraCare washer/DelicateCare dryer: The UltraCare mixes the detergent and water before it reaches your clothes; the DelicateCare "guarantees no shrinkage of woolens."
  • 700 SteamCare washer/GentleCare dryer: The SteamCare claims to "reduce wrinkles by a third" and the GentleCare dries at half the temperature of a typical dry cycle.
  • 600 SensiCare washer and dryer: Sensors in both the SensiCare washer and dryer are supposed to auto-adjust to the correct settings.

The ColorCare, UltraCare and SteamCare washing machines also come with optional FreshScent packs, designed to add a citrus and floral fragrance during the steam portion of the wash cycle. 

Electrolux hasn't yet provided pricing or availability for these models. 

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