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Electrolux EFLS527UTT review: Better laundry is just around the corner


The $1,199 Electrolux EFLS527UTT is an excellent front-load washing machine. It combines great design with fantastic performance and plenty of features -- including a dedicated dispenser for laundry detergent pods. It didn't do quite as well at removing stains as the Editors' Choice award-winning $1,349 Electrolux EFLS627UTT, but it came so close that there isn't much of a difference. 


Electrolux EFLS527UTT

The Good

The $1,199 Electrolux EFLS527UTT is a fantastic front-load washer. It removes stains better than nearly every other model we've tested. Its gray finish looks cool, too, and it has plenty of features -- including a dedicated dispenser for detergent pods.

The Bad

$1,199 isn't cheap, and its 4.3-cubic-foot capacity is slightly less than the 4.5-cubic-foot average.

The Bottom Line

Electrolux's EFLS527UTT is well worth considering if you want a top-notch front-load washer with great curb appeal.

The EFLS527UTT does have a slightly smaller internal capacity -- 4.3 cubic feet versus the EFLS627UTT's 4.4 cubic feet. But, again, it's too small to notice. Get the Electrolux EFLS527UTT: It's a great washer. 

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I really like the look of the EFLS527UTT. It has an attractive dark gray finish and you can stack the corresponding dryer on top of it if you need to save space. 

You can save some money on this washer if you get the EFLS527UTT in white instead (model number EFLS527UIW). It's identical to the EFLS527UTT, except for its white finish, but it costs a hundred bucks less. 

Curious how the EFLS527UTT stacks up against some similar front-load washers? Here's a handy chart:

Comparing washing machines

Electrolux EFLS527UTTElectrolux EFLS627UTTSamsung WF45M5500AZ
Price $1,199$1,349$999
Color finish Titanium; (white for $1,099)Titanium; (white for $1,199)Azure blue and platinum; (white for $899)
Capacity 4.3 cubic feet4.4 cubic feet4.5 cubic feet
# of cycles 9910
Energy consumption 75 kWh/year85 kWh/year105 kWh/year
Dimensions (width, height, depth) 27x38x31.5 inches27x38x31.5 inches27x38.7x33.8 inches
App NoNoNo

Clearly the EFLS527UTT is very similar to the EFLS627UTT, but Electrolux's 500-series washer has a slightly smaller cubic foot capacity and a slightly lower expected annual energy consumption in kilowatt hours. Both Electrolux washers have a smaller internal capacity and fewer cleaning cycles than the $999 Samsung WF45M5500AZ. That's something to think about if you have a large family (and truly need a larger-capacity washer) and like to choose from a bunch of different cycles. 

Unlike the Electrolux EFLS527UTT, the EFLS627UTT doesn't have SmartBoost. According to this Electrolux product page, SmartBoost "premixes water and detergent before the cycle begins, maximizing the cleaning power of the detergent." 

I was sure SmartBoost was the reason the EFLS627UTT performed so incredibly well, but, as you'll see in the section below, the EFLS527UTT removed stains nearly as well as the top-performing EFLS627UTT without it. 

Electrolux wins yet again

To test a washer's performance, we measure two things: the percentage of stains the washer removes from a strip of pretreated prestained fabric; and the number of frayed threads that appear on a separate squares of fabric post-wash. Curious about our specific test methodology? Read more about how we test washers

The EFLS527UTT got the second best stain removal score ever, with just 38 percent of its original stains remaining. That means it removed 62 percent of the stains on the stains strips (on average). The Electrolux EFLS627UTT did slightly better with just 36 percent of its original stains remaining (meaning it removed 64 percent of the stains on average). While the EFLS627UTT is still the overall winner, the EFLS527UTT got closer than any other machine has (yet).

Samsung's WF45M5500AZ did well too, with 44 percent of its original stains were left on average after each cleaning cycle. That really is a great score, but it isn't nearly as good as the EFLS527UTT's result. 


The lower the percentage, the better the washer did removing the stain.


The EFLS527UTT was fairly tough on clothes, though. It averaged 292 attached, frayed threads measuring at or over 2 millimeters long after a cleaning cycle. The EFLS627UTT was even tougher on clothes with 333 attached, frayed threads. The Samsung WF45M5500AZ had 294 attached, frayed threads on average.

Keep in mind that we test wear and tear using each washer's "normal" cycle. We weigh stain removal more heavily here because you can always opt for a delicate cycle with any items that need more care. 

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The takeaway 

Electrolux's $1,199 EFLS527UTT is an awesome front-load washer. It looks smart, it performs well and it's easy to use. Stack it with the companion dryer or set them side-by-side. It doesn't have SmartBoost or a particularly large internal capacity, but it doesn't matter much. I highly recommend this washer in gray ($1,199) or in white ($1,099) if you're searching for a well-rounded front-loader with above-average performance.


Electrolux EFLS527UTT

Score Breakdown

Design 9Usability 8Features 7Performance 9.5