Quiet feuding kids with EasyMount Tablet Computer Vehicle Mount

For parents looking to keep peace in the backseat when it comes to kids fighting over the tablet, here's a simple, affordable solution.

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Jessica Dolcourt
EasyMount Tablet Computer Vehicle Mount
The EasyMount Tablet Computer Vehicle Mount stretches between headrests in the back seat to center a tablet screen. Jessica Dolcourt/CNET

LAS VEGAS -- For parents looking to settle backseat brawls over which kid gets to hold the tablet next, Digital Innovations' EasyMount contraption for tablets offers one affordable solution.

The patent-pending plastic and aluminum mount hooks onto the front-seat headrests with sliding arms that can accommodate most cars, trucks, and vans. Adjustable arms and clips in the mount's center accommodate tablets of varying sizes. The result? A tablet that's equidistant from the left and right back seats, and that can be controlled by any passenger.

The device looks sturdy, though I wasn't able to see it in action in a vehicle, or stress test it with any rugrats. It may not be a particularly pretty solution, but at $30 a pop, the utilitarian mount is practical and inexpensive.

Digital Innovations first announced the EasyMount this past January, but the device only became available May 16, starting in Canada. Look for it online within the week and at Best Buy and other retailers this summer.