Dying Light (Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC) review: Dying Light: Going the way of the buffalo

The Good Dying Light is a great-looking first-person-shooter zombie shooter that features an impressively smooth parkour traversal system.

The Bad At the end of the day Dying Light is just another zombie game that doesn't do much to separate itself from the pack. Also, it's story is severely lacking.

The Bottom Line There's fun to be had with Dying Light, but it's not going to breathe new life into a genre that's essentially on life support.

At this point I have a real tough time getting excited to play yet another zombie game. Even when I first saw and played Dying Light back at E3 2013, the zombie craze felt like it was winding down to a crawl (that's a little zombie-humor right there).

So in 2015, with most of the zombie unpleasantness behind us, Dying Light -- at least thematically -- comes off like it's competing from behind. But that didn't stop me from giving Dying Light a 12-hour shot at winning me over. There's a chance it could possess some never-before-seen zombie action that'll reinvigorate the genre, right?

Well, not so much.


That's not to say Dying Light isn't fun to play, it certainly is -- and it's got a handful of ultra-satisfying scenes of zombie dismemberment glory. It's also the most refined and competent effort developer Techland has put forth, a realized evolution of the Dead Island action-RPG-meets-crafting experience.

Give Dying Light points for successfully attaching a parkour mechanic to what's primarily a first-person-shooter. The "Mirror's Edge" addition to the game works well and doesn't outstay its welcome as a design choice.

Stitching jumps from rooftops, box trucks, awnings and beyond is a welcome amendment to a zombie game, where I often find myself playing the "ground is hot lava" game.