Doodle Jump review: Doodle Jump

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The Good Doodle Jump is an incredibly easy game to pick up and play with precise tilt controls, plenty of themes, and new costumes and items to keep it interesting.

The Bad Once you know the game mechanic, it can get repetitive.

The Bottom Line The new update to Doodle Jump adds enough features and content to make revisiting the popular and addictive jumping game worth your while.


8.6 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 8
  • Interface 9
  • Performance 9

Doodle Jump (99 cents) has been a hit at the App Store since its arrival in 2009 for its simple and addictive gameplay. A new update to the game adds a new look and other fun features, but doesn't tinker much with an already winning formula.

This fun and addictive platform-jumping game features a cute, hand-scribbled aesthetic and a cleverly integrated leaderboard. Not surprising for such an addictive game, the interface couldn't be more simple: you keep jumping automatically, and you gently tilt the device to move left and right. As you move higher and higher up an infinitely scrolling, wraparound vertical screen, you jump onto an increasingly challenging arrangement of platforms -- including moving blue platforms, crumbling brown platforms, white platforms that disappear after one jump, and platforms with jump-boosting springs and jet packs.

You have to tap the screen to shoot the occasional monster or UFO that blocks your path (the game's fittingly bouncy soundtrack provides an early warning), but the core gameplay remains the same: jump as high as you can to increase your score, and your game ends when you misjudge a jump and fall off the bottom of the screen. Doodle Jump also marks the name and height of previous high scores -- your own and from Doodle Jumpers around the world -- along the edge of the screen, making this already great game even more addictive.

After three years in the App Store, Doodle Jump has evolved like other mainstay iOS games, but with the latest update, it adds even more of a reason to jump back in. Like other popular games, Doodle Jump has consistently added new themes to give the game a new look and feel while keeping the same great gameplay. Each of the new themes is very well implemented, often changing the game's look entirely, and adding ambient sounds to match.

The latest update is an even bigger change. A new theme adds a dark overall feel, but the addition of new characters and items adds more fun to the game. You'll be able to use coins collected in the game to buy new ninja outfits that affect the gameplay, such as the Double Jumper, that lets you jump an extra time while in the air, or the Shadow, a ninja suit that camouflages you from monsters. New items, like the fire jet pack, give you more boost power, while the straw propeller cap takes you farther than the original cap.

Doodle Jump has already made its name as a simple and addictive game that is incredibly easy to pick up and play, and subsequent updates have added tons of new content to explore. But with this latest update, new items and outfits change the gameplay in new, fun ways, giving you one more reason to revisit one of the most downloaded iOS games available.