Disney Mix Max Player review: Disney Mix Max Player

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The Good The Disney Mix Max Player offers music, video, and photo playback in a device styled and sized for kids; durable; has decent sound quality; works with Macs; compatible with music subscription services; can multitask; includes handy expansion slot (great for preprogrammed content); good battery life.

The Bad The Disney Mix Max is a tad pricey for a 512MB player; buttons are hard to press; headphones are too big for younger kids; no volume limiter; video quality is not spectacular; photos can be slow to load.

The Bottom Line Despite a few weaknesses, the Disney Mix Max will make most kids who like music, videos, and photos happy.

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6.7 Overall
  • Design 6
  • Features 7
  • Performance 7

It was only a matter of time before Disney Electronics followed up its successful-in-retail, MP3-playing Mix Sticks with its first portable video player (PVP). The $100 Mix Max Player comes in four magical color schemes (Blue, Chrome, Pink, and Purple) and can handle more types of media than you'd think. The admittedly adorable Mix Max Player comes with 512MB internally but can be expanded to up to 2GB via an SD/MMC card. Here's my review of the Pink version, which has the words Forever a Princess floating amid hearts and stars on the device's backside.

Designed for kids and tweens, the Mix Max Player (MMP) measures about 4x2x0.5 inches and weighs hardly anything. It has contoured corners and a soft, glossy plastic finish that can definitely withstand some punishment. It's extremely pocketable and fairly easy to use, even though it can play back music, video, and photo files. To the right of the 2.2-inch QCIF+ color screen (that's 220x176 pixels/30 frames per second) are the main controller buttons, which form the shape of Mickey Mouse's head. Mickey's face is actually a tactile five-way controller, and the left and right ears are the Menu and Mix It buttons, respectively. The Mix It button activates a fancy version of the shuffle feature (with brains). Thoughtfully designed for kid fingers, the petite buttons are actually a tad difficult to press; it's particularly noticeable when navigating menus.

The four color variants of Mix Max players.

You'll find a plastic flap that hides the SD/MMC slot on the right spine of this Mickey Mouse player. This allows you to expand the 512MB of internal memory (good for about 125 MP3s) to up to 2GB, which would bring the player in line with typical flash media players. Disney also offers preloaded content in the form of MixClips, or an album's worth of protected WMA tracks. Because of the Mix Stick MP3 player, which remarkably ranks among the top 10 best-selling flash players at the retail level, according to NPD Group, there is a decent library of MixClips. Our review unit shipped with Disney Channel Hits Take1.