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Diptic Video review: Simple video collages, but limited benefit

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The Good Diptic Video makes it easy to create video collages with a drag-and-drop interface. It gives you plenty of templates to choose from, and you can customize your collages with your music.

The Bad Sharing options are limited, and the app seems like more of a novelty than a lasting way to save your memories.

The Bottom Line Diptic Video creates an easy way to gather your videos and photos into a collage, but is probably geared more toward specific creative types who want to try something new with their media.


7.7 Overall
  • Setup 8
  • Features 7
  • Interface 8
  • Performance 8

Here's a simple, convenient way to thread together a video collage: let the program do it for you. Diptic Video does for movie clips what the company's original Diptic app does for photos -- compile your media simultaneously or sequentially into a collage, accompanied by background music from your iPhone's library.

The original Diptic collage app came out in 2010 and was one of my favorites for making simple photo collages. It came with several templates that only required you add your photos to capture an event in one collage. But with Diptic Video, you can bring in a mix of videos and photos to make capturing your memories even better.

The only question is, is Diptic Video the new way to capture your memories? I'm not so sure, but before I get into it, let's talk about what the app does.

Building your collage

Diptic Video comes with 35 different templates, with layouts that range from basic split-screen to more complex arrangements -- for example, one large frame on top with three frames below. Once you've chosen the layout that best showcases your videos and photos, it's time to add your content.

Diptic Video will let you shoot a fresh video from within the app, but you also can take video clips and photos from your iPhone library. You can go through and select as many videos as you want, and each will be stored in a bar at the top. When you touch Done, your chosen photos and videos will automatically fill in the template you chose, but you can touch and drag in replacement video clips to the template from the bar at the top.

Once you've chosen your photos and videos, you can touch within a frame to reposition them so your audience will see all of the action. You also can touch a frame to flip videos and photos horizontally or vertically, adjust brightness and contrast, and adjust the frame borders.

Adjusting each frame

Along with being able to focus on the action in each frame, you also have several options for how each video plays. By default, the app will start all videos simultaneously, but even with only a few frames in your collage, that can get overwhelming for the viewer quickly. You also have the option to play videos in reverse. After you've selected the videos for your collage, you can hit play in the upper right corner to watch a preview on the next screen, where you have several more options.

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