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Don't show this again review: New clean look, but lacking in features

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The Good's clean new look, tweets, and graphs that show user-voting activity give you interesting takes on news items.

The Bad There is no commenting system. Facebook log-in requirement is temporary, but annoying.

The Bottom Line If Betaworks' team can add key features like a good commenting system, a reliable spam filter, and selectable news categories, Digg could be a successful site once again.

5.5 Overall

Digg, which first launched in 2004, has been rebuilt from the ground up by a team of 10 engineers from Betaworks, a company that spent years learning the news game with But can they bring Digg back to its former glory?

Sporting a new minimalist look and big plans for the future, has relaunched in the hope of becoming your favorite social news and link aggregator. The Web site was a big hit with users during its heyday, and with the new look and matching iPhone app, Digg could win users back -- if the company makes the right development decisions.

For some history, once Digg went to what it called Version 4 back in 2010, users fled the site in droves because the company replaced user-generated content with sponsored content from major news sites. Since then, Reddit (a similar news aggregator) has taken over as the top user-generated news site and many ex-Digg users have taken up residence there.
The top stories section has big images with teaser blurbs and you can read tweeted user commentary throughout the page. Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

It's important to note that the launch of Digg 1 doesn't include everything the team from Betaworks envisions, so I am reviewing an early version of the product (and it will show). To log in to Digg, you'll need to sign in through your Facebook account, an unsavory, but temporary measure to stave off spammers. There is currently no comment system in version 1 (a huge part of link aggregator sites like Digg and Reddit), but the developer blog promises it's a feature that is coming soon. While the Digg site is a work in progress, check back here as it evolves over the coming months for updates to the review on the new features as they become available.

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